Synology unveils Diskstation Manager 2.2

The Disk Station Manager 2.2 is expected to have its beta in July and official release in September. It will have some nice features, like:

  • iSCSI Target Support
  • iPhone Support – Photos, Music and Files
  • Apple Time Machine Support
  • DLNA Compliant Media Server
  • Built-in Firewall
  • New Surveillance Station 2 – SMS and More
  • New Download Station 2 – RapidShare and RSS Support
  • NTFS Write on External Drive
  • System Resource Monitor
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    Javascript Compressor

    When you download JQuery plugins there are often two versions. A ‘normal’ version and a compressed (*.min.js) version. The purpose of this compressed file is to speed up your application, especially for slow speed internet connection. A very good website/tool to compress your Javascript files is I tried a couple of files and it will reduce the JavaScript file size with 50%.

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    Wicket’s RequestLogger

    Wicket provides you with a build-in request logger. It can give you a lot of information. See also example below. To activate this logger you have to enable the logger and setup (in our case) some Log4j configuration. In this post I’ll show you how to get this done.

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    New firmware Synology DSM 2.1.0839 released

    Today Synology released a new firmware version (2.0.0839). It is recommended to install this version because it will fix a security issue.

    Change log:
    DSM 2.1-0839 fixed a security issue by disallowing general users to access other users’ home folders through Samba. Users who are using the User Home Folder feature are encouraged to upgrade to the current version.

    For File Station 2, DSM 2.1-0839 enhanced progress display when copying files and download handling for Internet Explorer 8, and fixed the failure of setting group privileges for sub-folders.

    For Download Station 2, DSM 2.1-0839 improved special character handling for eMule service and fixed error download progress when download is finished.

    DSM 2.1-0839 applies to the following models: DS209+, RS408, RS408-RP, DS508, DS408, DS108j, RS407, CS407, CS407e, DS207+, DS207, DS107+, DS107, DS107e, and DS-106j.

    Synology Mirror:

    Subversion pre-commit hook

    When you commit a file or files to your repository it’s not, by default, required to fill in a message or comment. If you want to force your users to do so. then you can use the pre-commit hook. A pre-commit hook is a script which will be evaluated and if everything is fine then it will exit with code 0 and commits the file(s). This script is very powerfull and can be written in different languages like Python, Perl or Bash. This article describes a simple pre-commit hook.

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    Subversion on Synology DS209+

    Today I installed Subversion on my Synology DS209+ NAS. A very good point to start is this step-by-step tutorial written by the guys of Synology. Installing Subversion was/is very easy because there is an IPKG package available which will download and configure all dependencies for you. If you don’t know how to install IPKG, just read this blog.

    To understand a bit more of how Subversion exactly works, visit this website, where you can download a free e-book in a lot of different formats (like pdf / HTML).

    Install IPKG on Synology DS209+

    IPKG is a Package Management System, this means that you can install packages on your NAS with a single command like ipkg install PackageName. This article will describe step-by-step how to do this.

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    Symbolic Links on Synology DS209+

    Synology’s Disk Station Manager (DSM) creates folders (e.g. volume1/music) for you when you activate e.g AudioStation or iTunes. Currently there is no possiblity to change this. But what if you want to use your own folder structure? The solution is to use Symbolic links. This article describes how you can do this.

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    Connect HDX-1000 with Synology DS209+ via NFS

    I just bought a new NAS and had some troubles with setting up NFS on the HDX-1000. I figured it out and in this blog I will describe step-by-step how to set this up.

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    Apache (XAMP 1.7.0) crashes in combination with Zend

    Today I was trying to build a simple Zend application. However everytime when I did a fetchAll query, Apache crashes completely.

    $clubFinder = new Club();
    $this->view->clubs = $clubFinder->fetchAll();

    In the error log (./apache/logs/error.log) I found the following line Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 -- Restarting. After a long search on the Internet I found this thread which solves the problem for me. The only thing I had to do was download this package and replace the libmysql.dll file in the apache/php and /php folder with the one in the zip.)  Software used: XAMP 1.7.0 / Vista 32 bit / Zend 1.7.4.