Yii CJuiDatePicker dateformat

Today I struggled with the datepicker provided by Yii. I wanted to show the date in format ’24-02-2013′. In this post I will show how I solved this.

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Wicket mounting in an OSGi environment

This page describes how to do page mounting in Wicket in an OSGi environment. A resource/page/etc. can be registered to Wicket’s WebApplication via a couple of ‘mount’ methods. This example only shows how to mount a page (to keep it simple) but can be extended for IRequestMapper/resource/package as well.

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Font size in Ubuntu (XBMCBuntu)

To change the font size in XMBCBuntu (formerly known as XBMC Live) you have to edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.

Login to the machine via ssh (and enter your password):

ssh xbmc@IP_ADDRESS

Once you logged in enter the following command (you will be prompted for your password):

sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Afterwards a kind of text editor will be opened and add the following line to the “Monitor” section.

Option "DPI" "96 x 96"

Close the editor via “CTRL + X” and save the file

Wicket and CKEditor in Internet Explorer

CKEditor was working properly in Internet Explorer while developing our Wicket application. After deployment to our demo server it wasn’t working anymore. We had no issues with FireFox/Chrome or Safari. First we thought it had to do with some timing issues but after a lot of debugging we found out the issue (and of course the solution 😉 ).

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OSX: Browser is slowing down after updating to 10.6.8

After updating to Mac OSX 10.6.8 the browser was responding very slow. It took up to 30-35 seconds to load a page (doesn’t matter which one). To solve this problem you can add a DNS.

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MongoDB – Usefull PHP queries

Currently I am playing around with MongoDB. Most of the topics regarding MongoDB are quite straight forward. However, sometimes I needed more complex stuff and was not able to find it or it was not documented well. So in this topic I’ll add usefull queries which helped me while developing my application.

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Bring your own music…

As of iTunes 10 it is possible to connect every iPhone / iPod Touch (which is running iOS) and play songs which are stored on the portable device. Even without enabling “manual sync mode”. Just plug in your device, go to iTunes and select it. Very handy when you are on a boring party with bad music 😉

Synology released Diskstation Manager 2.3 (firmware)

Today Synology released Diskstation Manager 2.3 (DSM 2.3). Currently the main download sites are very slow. You can find a miror here and the release notes here.


How to check whether Javascript is enabled in Wicket

It is possible, via Wicket, to gather a lot of information regarding the browser/system of your visitor. If you want this you can also turn on some extended information (like javascript is enabled) via the following code:


This method works via a redirect to the BrowserInfoPage and finally it goes to your ‘original’ page. Because of this it is possible that you see the BrowserInfoPage very shortly especially on slow computers/browsers or internet connections. But what if you don’t want this and only want to know whether Javascript is enabled? Please read on…

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AjaxTabbedPanel – Store state when switching tabs

Normally when you switch tabs of an AjaxTabbedPanel it won’t store the state of all your input fields. If you do want this, without pressing a save button, you have to override the newLink(String linkId, final int index) method of the AjaxTabbedPanel class and use an AjaxSubmitLink instead of the default AjaxFallbackLink. Now all values will be stored in the model (not saved to the database).

Keep in mind that all Wicket validations will be validated, so we have to take care of the FeedbackPanel (refreshing) as well.

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