How to check whether Javascript is enabled in Wicket

It is possible, via Wicket, to gather a lot of information regarding the browser/system of your visitor. If you want this you can also turn on some extended information (like javascript is enabled) via the following code:


This method works via a redirect to the BrowserInfoPage and finally it goes to your ‘original’ page. Because of this it is possible that you see the BrowserInfoPage very shortly especially on slow computers/browsers or internet connections. But what if you don’t want this and only want to know whether Javascript is enabled? Please read on…

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Javascript Compressor

When you download JQuery plugins there are often two versions. A ‘normal’ version and a compressed (*.min.js) version. The purpose of this compressed file is to speed up your application, especially for slow speed internet connection. A very good website/tool to compress your Javascript files is I tried a couple of files and it will reduce the JavaScript file size with 50%.

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