Subversion pre-commit hook

When you commit a file or files to your repository it’s not, by default, required to fill in a message or comment. If you want to force your users to do so. then you can use the pre-commit hook. A pre-commit hook is a script which will be evaluated and if everything is fine then it will exit with code 0 and commits the file(s). This script is very powerfull and can be written in different languages like Python, Perl or Bash. This article describes a simple pre-commit hook.

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Subversion on Synology DS209+

Today I installed Subversion on my Synology DS209+ NAS. A very good point to start is this step-by-step tutorial written by the guys of Synology. Installing Subversion was/is very easy because there is an IPKG package available which will download and configure all dependencies for you. If you don’t know how to install IPKG, just read this blog.

To understand a bit more of how Subversion exactly works, visit this website, where you can download a free e-book in a lot of different formats (like pdf / HTML).