Apache (XAMP 1.7.0) crashes in combination with Zend

Today I was trying to build a simple Zend application. However everytime when I did a fetchAll query, Apache crashes completely.

$clubFinder = new Club();
$this->view->clubs = $clubFinder->fetchAll();

In the error log (./apache/logs/error.log) I found the following line Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 -- Restarting. After a long search on the Internet I found this thread which solves the problem for me. The only thing I had to do was download this package and replace the libmysql.dll file in the apache/php and /php folder with the one in the zip.)  Software used: XAMP 1.7.0 / Vista 32 bit / Zend 1.7.4.

Wicket’s FormComponent setType

If you are creating a form for your application you might need some validation on components before submitting. Wicket has some methods (e.g setRequired(true)) which can help you with that. In this article I will show you the setType method. This method will prevent you to submit the form when e.g. the input field is not filled in correctly. An example could be when your users have to fill in a double as number. If the user fills in something else it will show a warning in the feedbackpanel. See java example below how to deal with this.

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