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Connect HDX-1000 with Synology DS209+ via NFS

I just bought a new NAS and had some troubles with setting up NFS on the HDX-1000. I figured it out and in this blog I will describe step-by-step how to set this up.

On the NAS

1. Go to the admin page of the NAS, look for Network services, NFS and enable NFS.
2. Go to Privileges, Shared Folder and create a folder e.g music. Maybe you already did this.
3. Via Privileges setup you can grant users read/write permissions etc.
4. Go to NFS Privileges, Press create and fill the ip number of whom can access this folder e.g. 192.168.1.*, set Privilege on e.g. Read Only and Root Squash on Map to guest. (I am not sure what this exactly does, maybe someone can explain.)
5. When you created it, you’ll see at the bottom a Mount path. You’ll need this when setting up the HDX.

On the HDX

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Shared Folders
3. Create a new share and give it a name. This will be shown on the frontpage of the HDX.
4. The URL should look like this: nfs:// or nfs://DiskStation:/volume1/music (Note the “:” after the ip address or hostname.). Here I also used the mount path. This is case sensitive.
5. Fill in the username/password if required
6. Done!

Note: This will also work for other versions of the Synology and other NMT like the popcorn hour etc.

NAS firmware: DSM 2.0-0731

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